Posh Nosh Imports reveals new website and corporate identity

Posh Nosh Imports is delighted to reveal a new and exciting change to its corporate identity. With a new logo and customer oriented website, Posh Nosh has chosen this new look to reflect the company’s modern vision and continued growth.

The new logo is a visual representation of the core strengths of Posh Nosh Imports – a strong and complimentary range of British & Irish goods, using the colors of each country as its badge. The new font represents a modern and adaptive Posh Nosh Imports, leading the way with innovation and its ability to thrive in an ever changing global marketplace.

“The strong and dramatic growth of Posh Nosh Imports has established the company as a leader in specialty British and Irish food imports,” says marketing administrator Liam Moroney. “This new corporate identity embodies the core qualities that have earned Posh Nosh Imports its reputation. As the company continues to expand, a solid and characteristic corporate identity helps us to stengthen our attributes and improve relationships with our customers.”

In addition to the new logo, Posh Nosh Imports also has a matching website that aims to become an information resource for existing and potential customers. With a full listing of its exclusive range, the website provides all the necessary information for new customers to make informed decisions, and for existing customers to better know their products. The site will continue to grow with customer feedback to become a valuable tool for its users.

Posh Nosh Imports will begin the process of developing and distributing branded materials to help its customers to make better purchasing decisions and increase distribution and sales of British & Irish specialty foods.
Any brokers creating material on behalf of Posh Nosh Imports should check with marketing administrator Liam Moroney at liam@posh-nosh.com to ensure correct logos are being used. For more information, visit www.posh-nosh.com or contact Posh Nosh Imports directly on (973) 274-9444.

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