Premier Foods

Premier Foods manufacture some of the nation’s favourite food brands including Loyd Grossman sauces, Bisto gravy, and Ambrosia custard and rice pudding.

Sales of their brands are £1,673m and in 2010 they had an annual group turnover of over £2,567 million. In 2010 they also delivered a trading profit of £311 million.

As well as owning and making some of the UK’s most popular food brands, Premier Foods also manufacture hundreds of products that cater for the food service industry, supply ingredients to other food producers and are trusted to supply own-label products to the UK’s major food retailers.

Overall, they manufacture and market great products across many food categories including Bread, Cakes, Preserves, Convenience Foods, Desserts, Cooking Sauces, Stocks, Gravies, Flour, Chilled Ready Meals, Meat Pies and chilled Desserts.

You’ll find them in every British kitchen.

Posh Nosh Imports is the exclusive US distributor for the Premier Foods range.

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