Unveiling a new design across all the packaging this year, Ambrosia is now registered with the Red Tractor Scheme and you will see the Red Tractor logo on our products.

The Red Tractor logo means that all our milk can be traced back to the farms it comes from. As our local farmers all follow the highest standards and consistently deliver milk of the highest quality we are proud to register with this scheme. It provides an independent guarantee of the high quality of our milk and the welfare of our cows.

For more information on Red Tractor please visit:

The Ambrosia brand continues to bring you new products, including the recently launched Ambrosia Puds – individual twin pots bringing the comfort of Ambrosia Devon creamy Custard together with Britain’s favourite desserts so they can be enjoyed everyday. Keep a look out for new flavours coming soon.

We have also been busy down in Lifton, and joined up with the Tamar Valley and local Cornwall and Devon Councils to sponsor the Lifton Link Trail. If ever you’re down that way, grab a Tamar Valley Discovery Trail leaflet and follow trail no. 4, a 5 mile walk from Lifton to Milton Abbot. You pass right by the side of the Ambrosia Creamery and there’s a great stop off for tea and cake at the Kelly House on the footpath.

Ambrosia of Old

The brain child of an English businessman, with the help of an American and the landlord of The Arundell Arms, Ambrosia came into being back in 1917.

Lifton, the home of The Arundell Arms local, was established as the site for the Ambrosia Creamery and began life as a dried milk factory supplying troops in the First World War. Local farmers delivered gallons of fresh milk every day in huge 17 gallon churns, which two ladies washed out by hand to be returned to the farms and re-filled ready for the next day’s delivery.

The Creamery began producing Canned Rice Pudding in the 1930s, and went on to expand considerably in the post-war period.

The Creamery began with only a dozen staff and now employs 270 local people producing the much loved staples of Ambrosia Creamed Rice and Devon Creamy Custard and continually working on new ideas.