In the UK, a Haywards pickled onion is eaten on average once every four seconds!

It’s no wonder Haywards is the nation’s favourite sour pickle, with around 5.6 million households buying our product every year.
Our vision is to be the Sour Pickle of choice.

On their own as a tasty snack, or on the side with almost any meal, when you’re looking for crunch, it has to be Haywards!
We pride ourselves on hand-selecting only the freshest vegetables to go into our pickles, expertly made in Britain since 1868 and using only the best pickling techniques.

About Haywards

Haywards are the pickling experts and have been producing the UK’s favourite sour pickle since 1868. That’s why more and more pickle lovers are choosing Haywards pickles over any other brand.

Every onion that goes into the Haywards Pickled Onions is carefully hand selected to ensure your enjoyment is not compromised. That’s why on average we’ll consume 5,000 tonnes of Haywards Pickled Onions every year, or to put it another way, 380 million onions!
The Haywards brand has a pickle for every occasion, be it a chunky piccalilli, deliciously crisp and crunchy onion, tasty pickled beetroot, crisp red cabbage or a crunchy gherkin, we ensure that every last jar is full of Haywards flavour.