Nestle UK

In 1868, when Henri Nestle’ founded his new chocolate company in London, he never imagined that his products would be so popular. The Nestle’ company today is one of the most progressive companies in Europe, offering a huge selection of some of the world’s most popular chocolates. Posh Nosh Imports is proud to be the exclusive importer of fine Nestle’s chocolates!

Rowntree’s Fruit Gums were first introduced in 1893, making them one of Nestlé’s oldest current confectionery brands. Made with no artificial colors or flavors, Rowntrees Fruit Gums & Fruit Pastilles are irresistibly chewy and made with real fruit juice.






Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles were launched in 1881 and are Nestlé Rowntree’s oldest product. Before then, manufacture of gums and pastilles had been a French monopoly. Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles contain 25% fruit juice and no artificial colours or flavours and come in five flavours: lemon, lime, strawberry, blackcurrant and orange.

They are available in Tubes, Giant Tubes, Hanging Bags (below), Multipacks and Cartons. Over 41 million tubes of Pastilles were consumed in 2007.


Aero was originally going to be called Airways to reflect the vogue for jet travel in the 1930s when it was launched. By 1936, Aero had reached New York. It was one of the first products promoted by Rowntree primarily on the strength of the brand, rather than the company name.

Aero’s success comes from its unique bubbly texture. From the first television advertising campaigns screened during the 1950s, the secret bubbly formula has proved the lynchpin for many adversting campagins.

Aero Chunky was launched in 1982 for consumers wanting a snack on the move and to broaden the brand’s appeal. Over the years the chunky bar has appeared in a number of variants including orange and cappuccino alongside the ever present milk chocolate


Milkybar is made entirely from natural ingredients. That means every ingredient we use is derived from a natural source, ensuring there are no artificial colours or flavours. Milkybar is a smooth, creamy, white chocolate. It was launched in 1937 and has a heritage of nearly 70 years. Milkybar contains the goodness of full cream milk, with nearly half a pint in every 100g of chocolate. It is trusted by Mums and benefits from its association with goodness, purity and security. The Milkybar kid made his debut in 1961; he celebrated his 40th birthday in 2001!


Yorkie was launched in 1976 to take on brands such as Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and provide a chunkier alternative to the slimmed down Dairy Milk bars.

The range is available in plain or raisin & nut.

Toffee Crisp

Toffee and crisped rice filled milk chocolate. Toffee Crisp was first launched in 1963. Toffee Crisp is Nestle Rowntree’s 12th biggest selling brand and is a lighter brand than most on the market, therefore it is slightly more popular with women.

Launched in January 2009, Toffee Crisp Clusters hanging bag is currently Nestlé Confectionery’s UK number 1 performing chocolate sharing bag. Launched as an innovative response to consumer trends for ‘nibbling.