Don’t say vinegar
– say Sarson’s!

Created in 1794 by Thomas Sarson, it’s the nation’s number-one vinegar, with a definitive kick from specially brewed malt barley. Inside each signature pear-shaped bottle, Sarson’s Vinegar is naturally fat and gluten free, and 100% free of artificial colours and preservatives!

The vinegar was first created by Thomas Sarson in 1794 from malt barley. James Thomas Sarson was a vinegar maker living at Brunswick Place, Shoreditch in 1841. Sales rocketed when his son Henry James Sarson took over. It was renamed “Sarson’s Virgin Vinegar” in 1884, referencing a Biblical story of The Wise and Foolish Virgins, by which he was inspired, as opposed to the purity of the product, but this name was soon dropped.

In 1893, the company was trading under the name of Henry Sarson and Sons from “The Vinegar Works”, Catherine Street, City Road, Shoreditch, London. Two of Henry’s sons, Henry Logsdail Sarson and Percival Stanley Sarson also joined the family buiness as vinegar brewers.