A lot of magic happens at The Natural Confectionery Co. After all, this is the place where snakes are made (and quite a few are eaten) and dinosaurs are beheaded. Even the history of the company reads like a fairytale.

The company began as Sunrise Confectioners way back in 1941 and was founded by Julius Lighton and his two son-in-laws, Walter Eger and Rudi Moser. They were passionate about their sweet things. They wanted to provide mouth-watering lollies but they also wanted them to be affordable so that everyone could enjoy them.

By 1954 their lollies were so popular they needed a bigger lolly factory. So they moved. And produced more and more favourites including acid drops, bullseyes, barley sugar and chocolate bullets. They were the first company to include blue in their colourful hundreds & thousands mix. And of course, their traditional jellies such as aniseed rings, fruit rings and soft fruit jubes were big favourites. Over the years, as the family grew, the company grew, and by the 1960’s, two of Walter’s sons were ready to add their own magic

In 1991 this proud Australian family business finally moved into its largest factory ever in Melbourne.

In 1992 Sunrise Confectioners founded The Natural Confectionery Co. as an umbrella brand for their deliciously natural jelly products. The name fitted perfectly because the jellies had absolutely no artificial colours and no artificial flavours.

In 1997, The Natural Confectionery Co. got busy adding more and more delicious flavours and characters to the range including sweet, sour and soft varieties. Not surprisingly, our jellies are the most popular on Australian supermarket shelves today.* The only question now is: what will we come up with next?