The British Invasion

British food tradition has enjoyed increased popularity in the US, becoming known as the ‘British Invasion’.

With the growing consumer penchant for all things traditional, food from the UK certainly deserves its place at the table. The US consumer’s desire for all things nostalgic,
authentic, artisanal, or related to old family ties has brought renewed interest in all things British, helping solidify sales of British food here in the US.

Television chefs from the UK continue their influence on the US culture by preparing fresh authentic ingredients and reducing cooking to its simplest levels. The Food Network features numerous chefs and food personalities from the UK…Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Danny Boome, Robert Irvine, Nigella Lawson are just a few that can be watched on a daily basis.

What is the United Kingdom?

The population of the United Kingdom exceeds 61 million people consistent with countries like France & Italy. By Comparison, the United States exceeds 307 million people

The United Kingdom consists of:

  • Great Britain
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland

(Southern Ireland is a stand alone sovereign state not part of the UK)